Jargon Busters 1 – Social Media can leave people feeling left out

Education is the gateway to a very large part of fulfilment. It opens avenues and systems of wonder.

Sometimes, in spite of a reasonable education, one is just stumped.

I wrote a piece about the Steemit topics recently and I would like to focus upon just a small number of them, actually just three:
til, cn and ico

Whoever invented these strange tags is being very un-inclusive in an inclusive environment. So, undaunted by this system of clandestine tags, I shall resolve the situation here:

Thoroughly illiterate lous
Tantrums in laundry
Tiaras impede langeur
Telepathy invokes laughter
Talking in latin
Tasting inedible legumes

Clandestine network
Caught napping
Christmas night
Chanting nuns
Christian names
Cuckoo’s nest

International corrupt organisation
Incapable Commanding Officer
Indian curried onions
Indifferent comb over
In catastrophic overtones
Internal cyst operation


I resolved to bring it up with the management. I received this by return:

Thoroughly indecipherable language causes new internet communications ombudsmen to invoke legal challenges, necessitating incessant court orders.