Jargon Busters 3 – Social Media Tagging


The last jargon buster, about the tag ‘kr’, received a very humourless request to remove the tag ‘kr’. It clearly offended someone lacking an upwards crescent between his or her mouth and ears. They could have asked if I would kindly refrain! So, I shall keep ranting.

The tag ‘kr’ is dedicated to Korea. I have Korean friends and they are very nice and enjoy a laugh. Whether this be north or south was not specified. Why the $%^£ they could not be arsed to use the word ‘Korea’ is beyond me. Three more letters would provide clarity.

I rest my case.

Today we have another candidate, ‘pevo’.

Who will be first to ask me to remove the faceless tag?

‘pevo’: Pope exercises voting options? Peruvian envoy violates orders? Port Elizabeth vindicates oligarchy? Physical exercise versus obesity?

Perceiving enough violent outbursts; protestors express vapid opinions, preferring even vague openness.

Maybe I should start my own tag because ‘we as newbies kneed easily recognisable subjects’. Please let me know if you get the joke!


Please enlighten vain operators.


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