Jargon Busters 4 – PPAP (Social Media Tagging)

You are a Martian; or, in this case, just new to Steemit.

You are in a brave new world of social media with the prospect of being paid for your content. This is your first time to publish something here and you want to make a good impression.

Being a passionate and knowledgeable person about the visual arts, you write a post about contemporary dance and the struggle for funding. You have battled your way through three different formatting guides and have pasted your work onto the ‘Submit a Story’ page.

You are nearly there. Your rational self justifies the time you have spent getting it all looking good. It will be quicker next time. I will never admit to how long it took. I will tell them … 90 minutes. Sounds ok and I can justify it.
Right, let’s find the contemporary dance tag …

There is no topic close to contemporary arts, no dance either. There is a tag called ‘art’ – that is too broad for your commentary but you live with it.

Right, you are allowed four more tags and there are a plethora of steem related subjects, there are some abstract subjects too but nothing seems apt.

Then you find ‘ppap’. You wonder as to its relevance to you and your well researched and well constructed argument for increased government funding.

‘ppap’ – sounds like a smear! Move on quickly.

But then you get to thinking as you see a few more of these funny looking tags.

‘ppap’ polite posts are pleasing; please pay after parking; phony people aggravate … something beginning with ‘p’! Proceeding politely and pleasantly.

Please post and publish … or proliferate … pollenate – yes that is more the aim of social media.

Of course, that is my tag! My whole experience of dance!

Points, pirouettes and practice

Your five year old daughter pipes up: Peppa Pig Astounds Paris!

Please Prohibit Acronyms … Permanently

Image credits: http://contemporarydancing.weebly.com

Are you taking all my suggestions and adopting them into @busy?
I can see the mystic followers!



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