Assange and the current concerns (rightly and understandably) as to his location and health

Assange and the current concerns (rightly and understandably) as to his location and health

Mr. Julian Assange deserves our thanks and respect in equally large measure. He has made the world a safer place through WikiLeaks’ publication of information received by the company he co-founded in 2006

Assange also has a rape charge to answer


Subsequent to two posts I have made, there has been considerable high quality debate and enquiry.

Please read these first two posts before making any assumptions. My apologies for not putting the whole of the parts into one post. I tried to be brief! The first two posts may be found here:

Assange 1 – Hero or villain?

Assange 2 – WikiLeaks compromised from within

I received an excellent question and request for clarification on my posts about Julian Assange from a steemit subscriber and I believe it adds substantially to the conversation:

I’m not happy about the post because he has done much good and is in considerable danger if not dead.

I suggest we not keep repeating rape allegations that have been denied until we know the truth. He doesn’t seem to me to be the type to rape. he’s an attractive, gentle man. Gentleness is a hallmark of his personality.

And it should be obvious to everyone that Sweden has sufficient reason to smear him for political reasons. Sweden is completely compliant with the outgoing US government’s wishes.

As a stickler for the integrity of communication, I believe this is important. There are too many people saying very unhelpful things. Throwing a fatuous remark is self-serving nonsense!

My reply was as follows:

Ok, let’s follow each other on this! I did watch the Infowars video and I hope this is wrong!
We are all surmising here because we do not know with any certainty. There are a few things which ought to be considered:

  1. Assange has been free to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy for four years in the knowledge that he would be arrested by the UK authorities for contravening his bail conditions and extradited to Sweden to face sexual molestation and rape charges. For over a year now he has been able to the same and face a single rape charge which would be impossible, in my opinion, to make stick. It would be quite possible for him to make an agreement including the UK and Swedish authorities to guarantee his safe passage and secure accommodation in Sweden during any trial. He could even insist upon a journalist to accompany him as insurance – send Oprah for goodness sake! The US is not that stupid!

  2. The Swedish government interviewed him very recently. We do not have, unsurprisingly, details of that meeting or any possible deal which might have been made. Is he being tried in the Embassy right now? Possible. More plausible than him being kidnapped/murdered within Ecuadorian sovereign space!
    Assange is more likely to have a contract out on his life from an NGO agency or terror group having their security compromised than any government. He is probably being kept from any visible location within that Embassy for that very reason. I know that part of Knightsbridge in London. It is about 100 yards from the back door of Harrods, the department store.

  3. Given all the above, which is, I hope you would agree, far from unreasonable, what is the true situation? We do not know. What I can see is that Infowars is looking to gain huge audience through inflamed reporting. Given that Fox, CNN etc are the true fake media, organisations such as Infowars ought to be exercising journalistic responsibility and gain respect through integrity. This video cites circumspection as truth. Not being seen for a month does not constitute kidnap, murder or incarceration as suggested.

  4. If any publication endorses Assange as man of the year before his name is properly cleared of sexual assault charges, that publication will be held in contempt by the world. I do not doubt the passion of the people at Infowars, I do doubt their ability to work out what I have explained above.
    They do not even know that the two women in Sweden were WikiLeaks volunteers. Assange was in Sweden for a conference. Ignoring contributing factors to a story like this is hardly going to cover any journalist in glory!
    I hope we can agree.
    I look forward to your next post



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