Jargon Busters 5 – TIR

Jargon … unintelligible, meaningless talk,… gibberish. We have had the definition but to recap, jargon is for people who want to look clever when they tend to inspire rancour.

Sure, there are some things which are better known by their acronym, NATO, the UN, CNN, BBC, ABC and TIR.

Enron was one of the biggest corporate scandals ever known. People were taken in relentlessly. People’s lives were ruined with their pension plans shredded though totally illegal reports.

Traded internationally, regardless as to the truth in relation to mounting debts, threadbare investors realised too late.


Their illusions rotted and the tragedy is remarkably tangible in retirees today.

To illustrate really clearly, Tampa investor Rodney told ‘Insider Research’ magazine that investigations revealed totally irresponsible reports through intermediary resellers.


Through interbank relations, three insiders ratcheted total imputed revenues. Trust, ironically restored, total implosion resulted.

To illustrate rotten topics, I request immediate relabeling.

To initialise reveals thorough indifference … realistically.
Though I remark trivially, inclusivity requires thought, ideally respect.

Thanks in recognition from tremendously intolerant remonstrator

Therapy is rewarding. Topics illustrate relevance.

Till I return! To infinity ….



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