News, are you informed or misinformed?

“If you do not read a newspaper, you are not informed; if you do, you are misinformed .” Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington said that in reference to an article assuming to know who he voted for in the Presidential election.

Hardly of ground breaking consequence one might say.

Then there are the Aleppo fake videos:


Fake News: The photo was cited as being a young girl running from danger in Aleppo. It is a shot from a music video!!

The door is wide open:


The lamentable truth is that news has become a quasi-Soap Opera. It spawns theories and fuels the gossipping masses. It is not news at all. This is infotainment.

It begs the question: should there be a punitive code of ethics?


Do we really know how hot the water is?

We all think we do. We are all very good at self affirmation when it comes to such things.
It is like people who claim to be bad drivers or claim to be bad at sex … as rare as rocking horse shit!

As Denzel Washington summed up: “The more you do something the better you get at it; so the media has become great at BS!”.

One reporter decided enough was enough ( I love this guy!):


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