Jargon Busters 7 – DILLIGAF


Most people have heard of NATO; less know that it is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. IED, yes it’s a bomb, an Improvised Explosive Device; Nylon, New York/London; Radar, radio detection and ranging; DILLIGAF, all Australians know but you might not. See below for enlightenment by an Aussie legend, Kevin Bloody Wilson.


If you work in US law, you know what the CFR is (Code of Federal Regulations). If you do not, it might as well be Communal Fishing Rights.

Communication holds enough bear traps as it is.

You only have to listen to non-English people saying Leicestershire (a county in central England) to get my drift.

By the way, it is Less- ter (as in tern without an ‘n’)- sher, as in the ‘sher’ of Sherpa.


Intentionally generating confusion is, hence, a bit of a dumb-ass thing to do.

Despite my jovial quips, jargon still reigns. Not only does it reign but it is defended with pride!


I took aim at the steemit tag ‘kr’. What the? Three more letters! I was instructed, yes instructed, quite humourlessly to remove the tag!


So, my mirth was fully operational when I found someone referring to ‘cn’.

Beforehand, I did think of China. I also thought of Cable Networks, Cyber News, Caught Napping and that great publication Coelacanth Now (gratuitous, I know).

My favourite: Collective Nouns. Did you know that the collective noun for Rhinos is ‘crash’ or for owls, ‘parliament’? I shall do a new post on these.

What do you call a Collection of Nerds, Colluding Nonsense in a Catastrophe of Needless Jargon?

Answers on a postcard to: Choreographed Non-sequiturs, please!

Commonsense Never Comes Naturally!