News or Fake news – what sells and what is bought?

News is clearly a hot topic. Who should we trust and why?

Trust is the key issue here.

Society is, after all, based upon trust – a small word which carries such immense gravitas.

Yesterday was a case in point.


@stellabelle posted a piece about the child Twitterer and offered assistance in whichever way she could.

The post was genuine and clearly heartfelt.

I hope we all feel the same sentiments as @stellabelle.

Five days ago I posted a piece read here which exposed the accounts from the girl and others as fake. It is no fault of @stellabelle that she did not see this – unfortunately what she did see was a column in the New York Times which seemed highly plausible. From this came her post. When I saw this I instantly responded but the horse had bolted.

@stellabelle had trusted the New York Times because the New York Times trusted its source – it all looked genuine – and the information could not be verified. As the story was on message for the editorial team, out it went.

The Economist, to me, has tainted its entire trustworthyness and has become a pawn.
It is still, however, one of the most trusted publications in the world, let alone the UK where it is published

The effects of a trusted name are enormous.

Of course the strategy of these vloggers was to get their plight onto mainstream media. Their aim was achieved. Mainstream media does not have the time to validate stories as it used to and, anyway, how do you validate a story in Aleppo when you have no journalists there?

All I would say is that if you put the name of the girl into Google, the second suggested search includes the word ‘fake’. Why did the New York Times run that story? Was that demonstrating integrity? Any respect for its readership? Or just allegiance to the owners’ agenda? Surely a Google search is a base research function!

Today’s search reveals the top story as:


In war, as we have often read and witnessed, the first casualty is Truth.

The perpetration of ‘untruth’ to quote Orwell’s 1984 is anathema.

It explains Fake News and its origins.

I wrote a piece about this some time back. And here is the News – Allegedly


Thankfully there are journalists like Vanessa Beeley who put themselves in harms way in order to give a perspective upon which we can at least hear from someone on the ground in the areas of concern. This still does not guarantee absolute veracity. Perspective is an extraordinary thing. What it does bring, though, is a clear intent at the Truth. For this I laud Vanessa Beeley and thank her for her dedication and service in the line of fire.

Please read more about the extraordinary lady which I posted yesterday. Vanessa Beeley – Valiant Crusader for Truth

I have been in touch with Vanessa and it is my hope that she will join

With the planned planned, this may be an option.

In the meantime I intend to bring you her posts as they emerge.

Truth can be a case of perspective, let’s at least show it respect though integrity of purpose.

Cartoon by Jack

One final aside, why is it that when you hear the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger” that you know that the messenger is about to get shot?


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