Vanessa Beeley – a Valiant Crusader for Truth in East Aleppo




Vanessa Beeley is an independent journalist, self-funded, who is brave enough to be in Syria. Her passion is to bring truth to the world. I have followed her for a few months the Syrian on-going conflict.

Most Mainstream news stories from Syria are disseminated by The White Helmets. This group is not an aid agency. It is a propaganda agency. To think that they nearly received a Nobel Peace Prize is a cause of enormous shame to the Nobel Organisation.

The USA clearly has an agenda, though it is probably not their own – possibly Israel, the most overly cosseted regime … ever?

Please do not brush over this.

Vanessa Beeley warrants our attention. She is an extraordinary woman.

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Chemical weapons usage by Rebels in Syria

The first victim of war is truth. Vanessa is an amazing flag bearer for Truth.

If you feel inspired by the message, please look up The Wall Will Fall.