Aleppo News December 27th & 28th 2016

Below are excerpts from current reports coming from Aleppo.

These are just hours old and come from Vanessa Beeley and other independent journalists who are the heroes in the fight for Truth!

From what you can see below, this is not a Civil War! This is internationally sponsored terrorism, paid for by the US, UK, EU, Gulf States, Israel and others.

Put this into English: It is an invasion designed to bring about a change in the Syrian regime, a regime which has the strong endorsement of its people.

Regime Change other than by internal sanction is illegal under International Law.

‘ …regime change may be defined as external actors changing governments or systems of government by the use or threatened use of military force.’ Source Oxford Public International Law

The United Nations Security Council has twice described the unseating of elected regimes as a ‘threat to the peace’

US says claim it supported IS in Syria is ‘ludicrous’ – BBC, 28 Dec 2016

Should these men be tried for crimes against humanity?

Israel supports ISIS

East Aleppo Liberation Testimonies.

Children in Hanano 27th December 2016 enjoying their food after five years of starvation under the Nusra Front-led regime of US, UK, EU, Turkey, Gulf State funded militant and terrorist factions. Image: ©Vanessa Beeley

Jibreen Registration Centre, East Aleppo.

Where are the corporate media? Why are they not coming to hear the truth from the civilians they fraudulently claim to care about. Where are the White Helmets?

img Image: ©Vanessa Beeley
This young boy [in the photo] in a wheelchair, had lost his foot in “terrorist shelling”. He only received treatment when he arrived in Jibreen. Yet he still described the muddy wasteland of Jibreen as “heaven” compared to life under Nusra Front rule in East Aleppo.

Some other common testimonies:

From children – “we did not go to school. We were only taught in the Mosques by the Sheikhs. The terrorists used our schools as their centres and Sharia court rooms. They starved us and they were bad towards us”

“The terrorist shot at us when we tried to escape.”


“they starved us, there were no professional doctors. There was a civil defence but only for the terrorists, they did not help the civilians”

“There were many nationalities among the terrorists. Egyptian, Sudanese, Afghani, foreigners. Not many were Syrian or from our district”.

“… women were abused and beaten by the terrorists”

“If we had shrapnel wounds they did not treat us, often they amputated limbs instead of treating us, so we did not go to them”

“There were no professional doctors. They did not have any proper medical equipment. They kept all medicines for the terrorists and not for the civilians”

His best smile! Image: ©Vanessa Beeley

Vanessa Beeley’s personal view:

“Feeling sickened by the sheer level of deceit and criminal lying by the corporate media.”

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