Trusted news sources – who? what? where? why? how?

The consumption of news is about a lot of things but mostly about habits.
We have been conditioned, whether you like it or not.

The Morning TV show, the newspaper on the morning train/bus, the radio in the car, the 6pm or 10pm TV news – we are creatures of habit and the marketers know it. They do, in reality, drive our behaviour. Sorry, it is true!

Promotions such as these are now being banned for their manipulation

Here is a parallel:

In the supermarket Nescafe coffee, BOGOF, buy one get one free. Two jars of coffee for the price of one. It is not 50% off but it is ‘buy one, GET ONE FREE’.
Get one free is the impulse but the clever bit has not happened yet. You see it takes 6 weeks to build a habit. Those two jars will get the household through 6 weeks and the follow up promotion will embed the habit.

Bryant Gumbel and Sir Trevor McDonald, OBE

A trusted news reader like Bryant Gumbel (US) or Trevor McDonald (UK) or Karl Stefanovic (Aus.) is worth their weight in gold – I use those because I watched them myself.
We trust them because of certain characteristics and the broadcasters play upon this.
Watch for the 6 week cycle and how they run side-stories to ensnare you.

You know that newsreaders’ words are not really ‘their words’, they are on a teleprompter!

Just for a laugh, here is Karl Stefanovic from Channel 9 in Australia trying to tell a joke to the Dalai Lama:

Would you rather feel like you are with a trusted friend or take responsibility for your consumption of news?

Al Jazeera, BBC, The Economist, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph – all compromised.


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