Fresh Water – and why Fracking will put us in the Darwin Awards – as a Species

Do you think that being able to set light to a river is ok?

My first thoughts are: is this a natural phenomenon or … otherwise?

The Condemine River, part of the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia

Planet Earth’s contents have never changed since formation with the exception of the odd asteroid.

Water = the stuff of life. It is also the stuff we take for granted in most parts of the world.

The harsh reality is that about 3% of the world’s water is Fresh Water; this stands to reason as about two thirds of the planet is ocean (saline). If you take a step back – there must be the same amount of everything now as there ever was – it can’t get in (asteroids excluded) and it cannot get out!


Where is our Fresh Water?

1.75–2% is frozen in glaciers, ice and snow
0.5–0.75% is fresh groundwater and moisture in soil
0.01% or less of it is surface water in lakes, swamps and rivers

Lakes and swamps are not terribly convenient as they are, by definition, static.
Rivers are kind enough to flow … past the places where we built our cities, ipso facto!

I am no geologist but I do know that rivers are generally found along natural faults in the earth’s crust. I also am aware that where you get water, you get growth – this growth has, over billions of years, led to the existence of oil and gas.

Simple Geology

On to Fracking – the process involves the injection of a heavily diluted array of chemicals under huge pressure into the rock and shale beneath the earth’s surface. This process is designed to ‘fracture/crack’ the structures holding the entrapped oil and/or gas.

Fracking tends to be used where there are multiple smaller pockets of entrapped oil/gas which render the traditional drilling method overly expensive. Fracking, equally, is expensive but comes out as a cheaper option given smaller pockets of target material.

So, what is the problem? There is clearly something about the recipe of chemicals injected into the earth’s crust and, hence, into our water tables.

What is in in this recipe?

The big droplet is all the water in the world, the medium one is all the fresh water, the tiny one is for us. This image is to scale

Well, due to copyright laws, the ingredients lists for Fracking are withheld from public scrutiny!

Unbelievable? No …. It is dead-set true that most Fracking Operators do not disclose what is going into our water tables.

There are over 260 listed chemicals which can form the ingredients of a Fracking compound to be inserted into the rock and shale.

The likes of Nestlé do not believe that water should be assumed to be a natural right as we have been accustomed.

Hedge Funds have been buying up water rights all over the place. Many Fund Managers would have done likewise but their Ethics Committees have impeded them. [Every Fund Manager has a Hedge Fund.]

Meanwhile, local interest groups fight as best they can against the mighty corporate dollar. With the exception of Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich, they fail.

Ok, so what the hell do we do now?

Two things:

  1. Make the Environment a legal entity with its own ‘Rights’. The UN or such should make the Environment a Permanent Member of the UN with full membership rights (including the Security Council).
  2. Put into International Law a Bill of Rights which the Environment should be granted as a minimum expectation of treatment by the Human Race.

The Source of Life

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This is a real picture taken by a real person in a real place about a real month ago, nuff said, I used to buy this bottle in a shop for about US$1.00:


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