The Ultimate Bird’s Eye View – Magnificent Images from Drones

Drones are now producing some of the most amazing images – here are a few

 The cover picture is a chilli farm in India

Drone photography is becoming very sophisticated and we are the beneficiaries.
Tamul Falls
The photographer has many factors to contemplate, a lot more than line of sight to the drone which holds the camera!

Rock Climbing, Moab, USA
Drones require calibrating for compass correction each time they fly.

Hong Kong

Photographers usually need not learn more than once about the wind speed on the ground and wind speed at, say 300 feet/30 metres up – they go higher as you can see!

An overly interested hawk in French Polynesia
Another peril is birds, especially seagulls which are prone to attack. Other birds will attack as well more on territorial grounds and depending on the breeding cycle.

A Camel train on Cable Beach, Australia


I hope you enjoyed this very spectacular view of our extraordinary planet

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