via Daily Prompt: Privacy

A True story

A vicar was sitting at his desk, reading and dealing with his correspondence. It was a Saturday morning and his three children were mucking about and making a racket – they were too close for good concentration.

One of the boys, aged about 8 at the time, noticed that his father was getting a little annoyed on account of several disparaging glances in the direction of the racket.

“Are you ok, Daddy?”

“Yes, I’m absolutely fine, thank you, Josh. I am just trying to deal with my mail.”

Josh peered at the stack of mail and noticed that one of the envelopes had a curious message in the top left hand corner.

“Daddy, what does ‘Private and Confidential’ mean?”

“Ah, Josh”, said his father, “that means that this letter is for me and me only!”

Sensing that he really ought not be prying, Josh returned to the racket.


Later that day, the family went on an excursion and on the way home the children were offered a treat visit to McDonalds, an irregular event in this family. Josh was very particular in his planned menu choices. Each of the children would take it in turn. It came to Josh’s turn. He had managed to go last as he wanted.

“Now Josh, do you know what you would like?” Asked his father.

“Yes, Daddy, I would like a cheeseburger, a chocolate shake and some ‘Private and Confidential’ fries, please!”


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