Weird and weirder and downright comical – creatures which inhabit the Oceans.

Title Image: Cowfish by


I have been doing a series on Underwater Photography and Photographers and I just have to do a weekend weird and weirder section again.

I can see the inspiration of many an animator in these pictures. I hope you enjoy being amazed at how some of these creatures ever developed into what they are!

imgDeep Sea Viper Fish Image: RadioTimesimgColorful Jellyfish Image: 500px.comimgJellyfish Spaceship Image: divephotoguide.comimgGoblin Shark Image: bajirooimgBioluminescent Jellyfish Image: jojoaliimgWeirdFish Image: funkydowntown.comimgJellyfish Image: onegreenplanet.orgimgToadfish by Image:Deep Sea Creaturesimgjuvenile lionfish by reefs2go.comimgPink Shark Image: Image: SeavengerimgBlackDragonFishimgTassled ScorpionFish Image: RadioTimesimgImage: Picture24galleryimgImage:

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