TRUST, is this an outmoded concept or should we encourage ourselves and others to generate and engender it?

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Have you ever had your proverbial legs chopped out from beneath you by someone or something in which you trusted, only to discover that you trust was misplaced? I have.

One’s sense of self is derived from the age of about 6 weeks, until then you are in automatic mode, building strength and defence through nourishment.

There is a well-used phrase, ‘show me the boy (or girl) at seven and I will show you the man (or woman).’ Our foundations as individuals are formed at a very young age. Yes, variations occur but to a limited extent.

7-Up is an extraordinary series of documentaries well worth watching. This is the first episode: 7-Up 1964

Trust is something which we feel and experience on numerous levels:


  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Clergy
  • Lovers
  • Partners
  • Spouse(s)!


  • Police/Law
  • Government Local/National/Global
  • Medical
  • Financial (Banks/Investment Houses/Currencies)

There are then some areas where trust becomes more subjective: Information, media, news, weather, politics, economics, nature, environment, arts, sports, education, parenting … it continues.




Vladimir Ilych Lenin: “Trust is good, control is better”. Image:

Over the last two decades, social scientists have repeatedly suggested that good things tend to happen in societies where people tend to trust each other — they have stronger democracies, richer economies, better health, and they suffer less often from any number of social ills.


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Interestingly, the ‘social trust’ in the former communist run Eastern Bloc has declined since the liberalisation of these nations. I have heard it said that in Ukraine there was grudging happiness under communism; everyone got to eat. There is a lot of discontent now due to the increasing disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

“Society is based on Trust”

Is Trust just a mutual code which tells us to drive on the right (or left), stop at red lights, and conduct yourself according to the Law of the Land? Or is there a deeper more spiritually-centric version of trust which is a subjectively imposed set of values?


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Who do you trust? What do you trust?
Are there areas in your life where Trust has had to be re-evaluated?

Is Trust worth it?

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