A 100 Word Ode to Gene Wilder

Title Image: The Gazette Review



Comical, quizzical, whimsical, brave

This guy was a hoot

From the cot to the grave

He was known as Jerome

In his Milwaukee home.


But he took to the screen

(As The Young Frankenstein)


Then sadly he cried,

When poor mother died

Undertaker he played

In Bonnie and Clyde

Those comical quizzical whimsical looks

Then led him to work with his great friend Mel Brooks

Them spruikers, them spruikers

They made The Producers

It’s Springtime for Hitler

And cooking the books

He reached ever higher

With dear Richard Pryor

Willy Wonka, Amazing

Saddles A’Blazing


Gene Wilder 1933-2016

> All Rights Reserved. ©Edward Bryans 2017. No unauthorised reproduction of this post in whole or in part is permitted without the express written consent of the author



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