Social Media – What is the Best Strategy For YOU?

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Social Media started out soon after the turn of the Century as a real phenomenon.

Some things have not changed:

1. Always be engaging and relevant.
2. Confluence of messaging across different platforms is where brands win.

Some things have changed.

Over 50% of internet searches are now made on mobile telephones as of late 2016.

Americans are now consuming over 10.5 hours of media per day (all forms).

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Given all this, what should you be doing with your Social Media Strategy? Remember that out there, you are more of a Brand than a Person. The ‘Attention Economy’ is ruthless.

In summary, there are a few key ingredients:

  1. What should be in your content?
  2. How niche should you be?
  3. Should your niches interact?
  4. Do you need multiple brands?
  5. What does your content format say about your brand(s)?
  6. What do you know about your target audience?
  7. How should you seek out your audience?
  8. To what extent should you permit audience determination of your brand(s)?
  9. How should you manage brand experience across different platforms?
  10. Given the ‘Attention Economy’, at what time(s) should you post?
  11. Are you ahead of the curve on your niches?

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Engaging and relevant.

This History and Guide to Social Media will assist you strategise. Yes, it is long but it is worth knowing this stuff:

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