Donald Trump vs John Lewis

Take your pro-Trump or anti-Trump hat off if you wouldn’t mind for a second.

Donald Trump is due to be inaugurated as President of the USA on 20th January.
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There is something rotten in the state of the media and it is being allowed to flourish, unchecked. I am not talking about Fake News, abhorrent as it is, I am talking about childish antics, acted out by people who know better.


John Lewis is clearly a man who stands for some very admirable principles. He has the backing and respect of a great many people. The principles he stands for, however, do not define the man, any man for that matter. Image Credit: AFP

We are all the collective of our thoughts, words and actions.

John Lewis made two statements of note:

  1. Congressman Lewis said he did not regard Trump as a legitimate President.
  2. Congressman Lewis stated that the Russians were behind Trump’s victory.

Those two statements make assertions: in the case of statement ‘1’ Lewis does not have faith in the US electorate. Thereby, he is dismissing the state of democracy in his own country whilst he will fight for the same in other people’s countries in the name of the USA.

His second statement looks like conjecture at best as the evidence mounts against a conspiracy theory propagated by the Democrats.

Donald Trump retorted



Of course Trump bit back; he is the President elect and his supporters would be astonished if he let the matter go. It might well be the day before Martin Luther King Day but if Lewis thinks he can get in a cheap shot, uncontested, he is a numpty.

Mainstream media, left wing to its core, has taken umbrage at Trump’s response.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris campaigns for U.S. Senate at a union headquarters in San Diego. Photo by Chris Stone

Amidst a plethora of tit-for-tat sound bites, I enjoyed this, reported by the BBC:

California Senator Kamala Harris, a Democrat, said it was wrong to treat him [Lewis] in this way.
“John Lewis is an icon of the Civil Rights Movement who is fearless in the pursuit of justice and equality,” she tweeted. “He deserves better than this.”

My response to her would be: Like it or not, Donald Trump is about to be sworn in as President of the United States of America because the people of the United States of America decided that he was their choice under the electoral system.

The United States of America deserves better than this.

Here is a challenge: In Google’s search engine, look up Donald Trump and scan through the images – did you notice the extent to which there is no respect for the man about to be the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth?

We all have rights to our opinions. There is a lesson which we all find hard to accept: I wrote about this in the aftermath of the election:

Will venting one’s spleen change the outcome of a decision made?

As his Presidency has yet to begin, I echo the words of Senator Kamala Harris once more:

He deserves better than this.