DAWN – the forthcoming IPFS Blockchain medium

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What is DAWN?

DAWN stands for D.istributed A.utonomous W.orldwide N.etwork  – A blockchain based unified platform for everything people do with computers.

Blockchain technology has enjoyed an exponential rise in awareness, having given rise to Bitcoin and every other “new” currency. It offers a unique distributed data set, leading to ultra-high speed transactions and a new level of security via ultra-secure access and the consensus of distributed validation protocols. All this is delivered at a far reduced cost per transaction.

What is a validation protocol?

Blockchain Technology relies upon distributed identical data being held at the same time in multiple locations. The validation of an action over the network is your security. Active participants in the network simultaneously receive what is known as a ‘block’. If the ‘validators’ have a consensus over the integrity of that ‘block’ of data, then the data is added to the chain of blocks – the blockchain.

Why does this matter?

At present, the vast majority of data in the world is owned. This includes data about you and everything you do on the internet. There are many people who:

  • Make money out of your information (Social Media, Pollsters, Data Houses etc.)
  • Distribute this information without your consent.
  • Use this data to monitor you (and everyone else).

One of DAWN’s central values is that the ownership of information should be voluntarily opted out of. Privacy is equally a core value. 

How can DAWN deliver a better experience of the internet?

DAWN operates just like the internet and has the capacity to operate under IPFS as well as the standard HTTP or HTTPS. IPFS stands for ‘Inter Planetary File Service’, a name to boggle the mind but in reality it means a far finer and more efficient system of web based filing and retrieval. Imagine being told to go to the library to find a book. Under IPFS, you will be told which library, which floor, which section, which aisle, which shelf and how far down the shelf is the book you seek.

What can I not do on the DAWN medium?


What are the benefits of the DAWN platform for the future?

DAWN is absolutely Open Source Technology. This allows anyone to access the coding which drives the system and create their own Applications.

Over time we look forward to seeing a huge range of applications from Social Media to Education, from Travel Agencies to Charities. Anything which happens in the real world can be given assistance via a well designed existence on the DAWN blockchain.

How can DAWN benefit you?

Every second there will be a ‘block’ produced from the blockchain. Each verified block produces a token, rather like a Bitcoin token. These are called RAYS. The generation of activity on the DAWN activity produces these RAY tokens and they are distributed to the members of the community.

In the future, there will be a multitude of enterprises, as suggested in the previous section, which are doing commerce on the medium. At present there are well over 100 “new” currencies which have been birthed from block chain activities. DAWN, despite having its own currency, RAY, will be completely currency agnostic. The recognition of a currency as consideration will be a matter of consensus and individual choice.

As a participant on the DAWN blockchain, you can open your own account and start receiving RAY tokens right away. Their value will be a matter of future development. Currency value is determined by the consensus of its users. The founders of DAWN have purposefully designed the structure of DAWN such that they have no vested interest, other than to be involved and to see the possibility of freedom take to its potential.

Unlike other currencies, there is/will be no possibility of the community to gain an early position of leverage through the mining of RAY. Mining describes the activity of validating blocks for the purpose of producing tokens – in this case RAY. DAWN’s structure is designed to fully distribute value to the community and to allow consensus to be the arbiter. Within DAWN, Liberty is your assurance.

Does this Liberty come at a Price?

Freedom is not free, as the adage goes. Your freedom is on an equal footing to the next person’s. As such, for example, there is no central form of censorship. There cannot be. This may sit uncomfortably with some. There is, however, the possibility of consensus. So, there will be groups and communities which will create their own set of protocols. These may include such things as parental controls, NSFW guidelines, blocking capabilities etc. As much as distribution of ownership is critical, so is privacy.

Is DAWN a unique initiative?

No, absolutely not. DAWN is the first blockchain system to be built upon protocols which assure everyone that there is no vested interest. The founders of the system have a very strong philosophical view of the way in which the people of the world have become manipulated through the dissemination of misleading education and the abuse of government imposed controls.

DAWN, being completely open source, seeks to work in conjunction with other developers to assist in creating more possibilities.

Why the hell would these developers do so much work for nothing?


  1. They can.
  2. They are free to do so.
  3. They choose to do so. If they did not do this, they would not be able to live with themselves, such is their strength of character and purpose.

Your thanks to them and recognition of them is most gratefully accepted. They each, however, elect to remain anonymous. Fame is not their gig. Your freedom is. 

How do you join the DAWN network?

The DAWN network runs off a simple router (Cable and WiFi functionality). The optimum performance of the network is through a cluster of 5 routers which can communicate via the radio waves of the WiFi. Communication across the network is great too.

5 is a minimum ‘cluster’ of efficiency. One stand alone router is absolutely fine as is a cluster of hundreds. It just depends.

Your identity over the system is determined via your account which contains tokens and there are very important keys which are your access to your account.

In the event of a disaster – loss of keys – your cluster can provide you with access back into your account. There is a back-up system for your peace of mind.

Do I need to decide now about my cluster?

No, but it might be a good idea to start building your cluster of friends. There are incentives for buying a minimum of 5 routers as this assists with the distribution of activity.

How do I order a router and how long is the delivery time?

Go to the DAWN website to order. Your order will be delivered within 7-18 days depending upon country. Your order is fully trackable and insured.

With each router is a complete guide to setting up your router and how to interconnect with others.

This guide is in 9 languages (English, French, German, Indonesian, Cantonese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese).

There is also a YouTube video which you can access: 

All routers are the same price at the point of origin. Taxes and tariffs are out of our control of course. See your local distributor for details.

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President Assad of Syria speaks to the Press. A Mass-Murderer? You decide!

Title Image, President Assad of Syria. Image: LLW Productions

President Assad spoke to the Press this week for the first time since the whole cease-fire came into force.

The Chinese interviewer asked probing questions and much was made of the reconciliation between Syrians and their Nation – the amnesty and the road to peaceful society.

There were two aspects of this discourse which stuck out for me:

Firstly, why is there an uninvited US Military presence in Syria? Assad referred to them as invaders, quite properly.

Secondly, it is quite apparent that the bigger nations are abusing their power and influence via the UN, essentially contrary to the very reasons behind the formation of the UN.


How are smaller Nations expected to have a chance of stable societies and equality of fair treatment if the very protection mechanism designed as their assurance is their principal mechanism of threat?

Rand Paul. Image: RedState

In developing policy reform, Rand Paul Introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act to Congress very much along the lines of Tulsi Gabbard’s Bill to ban the use of taxpayers’ money to fund terrorism. Paul’s Bill excluded Kurds. Why? Do they wield a different brand of terrorism stick?

The full transcript of the interview may be seen here.