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Water Art – a very different expression
Charles Church – Horses, Hounds and Landscapes – Artists whom I know.
Dame Elisabeth Frink – Artists I have known
Charlie Mackesy – much more than a damned good artist


Eating Bricks? I know we need our roughage but …
Twitter seems to have its moments … here are some funny Tweets
Weekend Frivolity – let’s see if we can bring a smile to your face
How clever are you? Friday afternoon Mindbenders.
Grammar Police Correcting Graffiti in Quito, Ecuador
Millennials and Dopamine … wow!
How Clever Are You?
Photoshop Battle started from Bird Watching in South Africa
Star Wars … fetch!
I found a rat in the bathroom today, true story
Christmas Crackers – Two of them! Santa is on Fiji time
Time for a larf

Jargon (a linguistic blight!)

Jargon Busters 7 – dilligaf!
Jargon Busters 6 – Torments in Life, a very short story
Jargon Busters 5 – TIR
Jargon Busters 4 – A Choreographer’s tale
Jargon Busters 3 – pevo
Jargon Busters 2 – Robin Williams explains Social Media Tagging
Jargon Busters 1 – making people “feel stupid and left out”


Misheard Lyrics – some of these are just Hysterical.
What are Your Favourite Lyrics?
Sad News Today of the Passing of Chuck Berry.
Blockchain Technology Offers Solutions
PUNK – 40 years young and so much more than Punk Rock, though the music is great!


Libraries, Repositories of Learning. They are also Structures of Beauty.
Shaking Hands, Bowing, Curtsying, Saluting, The Clinking of Glasses and Other Greetings.
The Great Disappointment of 1844.


President Assad of Syria speaks to the Press. A Mass-Murderer? You decide!
Is Trump Balancing his Interests Against Ethics? Iraq is off the Travel Ban List. Should it be? Where is Saudi Arabia?
After Aleppo; what now for the innocents?
Fukushima – Forgotten News – What a Nightmare.
Ecuador’s Presidential Elections. It goes to a run-off … just!
SOUTH SUDAN – Forgotten News which continues even when the Media look away
Central African Republic – The Forgotten News which does not stop when the Media looks away.
Tulsi Gabbard, the kind of US Politician whom the World needs, speaking out against the war on Syria
Alcohol Ban – “La Ley Seca” – Ecuador’s National Elections
Democratic leaders are not accepting Democratic Results. Blair blots his Copybook.
Trump’s visa/entry ban on the un-Magnificent Seven – does not include, Saudi Arabia.
The Ease of Islam as a Villain
The Syria Crisis and the how Amnesty International seems to have thrown fuel on the fire.
Tulsi Gabbard calls US to stop funding ISIS/AlQaeda/NusraFront in Syria
Gold Theft in New York – Ecuadorian man arrested – funny crime
Should George Soros be tried for War Crimes?
French Presidential Elections – EU and Euro under threat? 
Queen Elizabeth II – The definition of service or an expensive bauble?
US Health, Obamacare and why Americans die so young
Syria: Azaz blast and Water Contamination in Damascus
Bombs and bullets do not stop for Christmas 2016
Aleppo News December 27/28th 2016

News Commentaries

Donald Trump vs John Lewis 14th Jan 2017
Assange and concerns as to his location and health
Is Assange hurting the credibility of his own success?
Julian Assange, hero and/or villain?

News Sources

Fake News: How the BBC is culpable in failing its standards.
Social Media – What is the Best Strategy For YOU?
News and Fake news – where do YOU look to get informed?
Fake News: The Integrity of News Services
Are you informed or misinformed?
Vanessa Beeley – a Valiant Crusader for Truth in East Aleppo
And here is the news, Allegedly …

Observations on Life

Interplay between two blog posts: Business start-up failings v Value of Knowledge
2017 – Real Virtuality or Virtual Reality? Captain Kirk to you: ‘You have the con, out.”
Gandalf a great story of Customer Service
Will venting one’s spleen change the outcome of a decision made?


DAWN – the forthcoming IPFS Blockchain medium
EQ and IQ; What Are They? Do They Matter? Can You Improve Them?
Peccavi and the Legend of Sindh.
Gold, why is it languishing? Upside and downside, a commentary.
TRUST, an outmoded concept or something to be encouraged and engendered?
Big Dogs Beautiful Images but Threatened 
Love in a Culture of Hate and what to give this Christmas
Originality of thought – where did it go – tomato ketchup!
Replies, like receiving a proper letter!
A Song for Willow, my daughter
Self-Grilling … dangerous but cathartic Part 1
Self-Grilling … dangerous but cathartic Part 2

Planet Wonderful and Planet Conscious

Inspirational Reunion between a Gorilla and a Girl. Conservation Good News Story
Fukushima – Forgotten News – What a Nightmare.
Underwater Photography 6 – Up close and Personal with the Hoggers
Underwater Photography 5 – Paul and Lisa Hogger – The Adventurous Aussies Part 2
Underwater Photograph 4 – Troy Mayne – Multi-International Award Winner
Hawai’i – Fantastic video and photographs of eruptions
Underwater Photography 3 – the weird and weirdest from our Oceans
Harvesting Solar Energy from roads in France
Underwater Photography 2 – Lorenzo Terraneo
Underwater Photography 1 – Nudibranchs – Beautiful Slugs!
Big Dogs Beautiful Images but Threatened

Fresh Water – and why Fracking will put us in the Darwin Awards – as a Species
A Wonder of the Ocean
Conservation – the bears and the bees, a perspective
Unborn baby outside the womb – extraordinary!

Short Stories

A 100 Word Ode to Gene Wilder
100 Word Story Contest. The Winners – “Sensation”. Sensational Reading!
Darwin’s Bears. An allegorical tale of great brevity.
I walked outside today and found I had a flat tyre.


Red Rum, still the most famous horse, 40 years on.
AP McCoy, barely known outside theUK, best sportsman ever?
Tom Brady – not the greatest sportsman but he knows how to win
Tiger, Tiger, burning bright …
Which is the Best Team – in any Sport – in the World?

Steemit commentaries

Steemit – a prescribed diet or a broad menu for all tastes?
Rewarding excellence and addressing the vote balance
Steemit – Connecting People or Lost in Translation.
Replies – like receiving a proper letter


Ecuador, My Home for the past Four and a Half Years. Part 3 of 3 – Wildlife and some Wild Life.
Ecuador, My Home for the past Four and a Half Years. Part 2 of 3 – River Journeys, Poverty and Haciendas.
Ecuador, My Home for the past Four and a Half Years. Part 1 of 3 – Gold Mining on the Colombian Border.
Extraordinary Deserted Places 6. The Initiation Wells in Sintra, Portugal
Extraordinary Deserted Places 5 – Shengshan Island, China. Is this what they call Ivy league?
Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China – Adrenalin Central – Accompanied by Nina Simone’s Sinnerman
Extraordinary Deserted Places 4 – Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria – Accompanied by David Bowie’s Space Oddity
Deserted Places 3 – Hotel del Salto, Bogota, Colombia – Accompanied by Everybody Hurts, R.E.M.
Deserted Places 2 – The Valley of the Mills, Sorrento, Italy
Extraordinary Deserted Places – Angkor Wat – Music by Deep Forest
Gold Safari, you find it, you keep it. Ecuadorian Adventures.
Less than Lethal Weapons and how to defend yourself when threatened.
Amazing Amazonian Experience, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador


Artists I have known: PERRY OGDEN. Part Three of Three. PORTRAITS.
Artists I have known: PERRY OGDEN. Part Two of Three. FASHION.
PERRY OGDEN: Master of the Lens. Part One of Three.
Underwater Photographs of People … Beautiful Images and Wonderful Imagination.
Underwater Photography 6 – Up close and Personal with the Hoggers
Underwater Photography 5 – Paul and Lisa Hogger – The Adventurous Aussies Part 2
Paul and Lisa Hogger Adventurous Australian Photographers Ep. 1
Underwater Photography 5; Matty Smith, Winner of this Year’s Top Award
Hacienda Cusin – Country House, Monastery and Gardens
Underwater Photography 4 – Troy Mayne – Multi-International Award Winner
Weird, weirder and comical creatures of our oceans
Underwater Photography 2 – Lorenzo Terraneo
The Ultimate Bird’s Eye View 2
The Ultimate Bird’s Eye View – Magnificent Images from Drones
Hummingbirds will drive you mad
Cotopaxi – a live volcano in Ecuador
Catholic Dress over Easter in Quito


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