Hello and the warmest of welcomes!

A blog is a slightly negative sounding word so this is my warehouse of commentaries on life which is very new – unlike me!

There are all sorts of things which I write about, though if I had to distil it all into a word, my passion is for Truth.

My favourite word is Respect, without which we have nothing of value.

My favourite people are away from me which is a lesson in life I have yet to master.

Please do feel free to comment upon my writings or anything else; this is designed as a conversation – albeit a soliloquy as it stands! Please do change that – it is my hope that in this increasingly isolating world that people can attain a sense of belonging. Through such forums as this warehouse of commentaries maybe some small piece of wonder may emerge.


2 thoughts on “Hello and the warmest of welcomes!

    1. Thank you Bill, much appreciated! It is so nice to get some feedback. What do you like most, then I know what to remember – I write about so many different things.
      Please keep letting me know – I have some more photography (underwater) coming up – those guys are incredible.
      There is an EQ/IQ discussion.
      All sortsd.
      Glad you enjoy the posts. I enjoy preparing them, especially if I know that there are people like you who appreciate them!
      Believe it or not, some of them are the work of the mind and need little putting together. Some take days … and you might not know!
      Have a great day and thank you again.


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