via Daily Prompt: Replacement

It is now estimated that, on average, westerners “consume” 10.5 hours of media per day. By media the statisticians mean everything from TV, newspaper, a magazine, a book, the internet, radio and so on.

The number of messages are so vast that we cannot possibly “consume” them all to the point that we actually ingest and digest them properly. Our heads will store what they can in various parts of our memories. By design, this will be done on a self-preservation order of priority.

One thing which I have observed in this theatre of media is the tone of the messages. Does the prevailing tone leave you uplifted or deflated? Does the prevailing tone leave you feeling better about yourself or do you feel thatthe world is a forlorn place or, even worse, that you do not quite measure up?

To me the most important word in the world is ‘respect’. As I often like to say, nothing of real value is possible without respect. It is the cornerstone.

So, given that respect for anything HAS to start with respect for oneself, are we truly feeding and nourishing ourselves with our daily habits?

Perhaps I am a little idealistic but I believe that there is a wonderful life out there for each and every one of us. It is really a question of choice.

Rather than saying ‘don’t’, which is a very low-rent way of encouraging anyone, what I would like to encourage is: do something to replace any aspect of consumption which may be providing a negative influence on your self respect.

That hour spent watching CNN/BBC/Al Jazeera rifling out the pap which they call news could be better spent taking your phone for a walk and taking photographs from weird angles and seeing how drops of water look on a car roof when the light hits them.

This is not a new thought. It is not revolutionary. It is not even that clever. It is just something positive which will feed across your whole life.

One thought – it takes 6 weeks to create a habit. Can you manage that in order to build your sense of self worth?

Respect to you all! Namaste!

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