100 Word Story Contest. The Winners – “Sensation”. Sensational Reading!

Title Image: @homeartpictures is a Social Media platform which actually rewards valued content via payments in a cryptocurrency called ‘steem’.

I recently began a 100 Word story Competition on the platform. These are the top three entries from week 1. I hope you enjoy them. Please come and join in if you like writing stories! Just ask me how.


Image: Pixabay

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The Winners of Week One


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Third Place receives 100 TRAIL and 4 STEEM

Sensation by @krizia

“Somebody!? Help me!” I cried.
“Where are you going? Everybody’s bleeding!”
I held Everybody in my arms. Warmth slowly left his lifeless body. His blank eyes stared at me. I can feel the burning sensation in my heart. Somebody abandoned me. It crushed my soul.

“You’re gonna be fine!” Nobody said.
I smiled weakly. Tears poured.
I cried so much when Everybody died. I cried my heart out. I cried until I fell asleep. I cried more when I woke up. Somebody should’ve been there with me. Yet, he left.
“Oh! Anybody.” His voice trembled.
Nobody was all I got.

⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘

Second Place receives 200 TRAIL and 6 STEEM

Dryad Fishing Pole by @chaospoet

My neighbor glanced in my window today
With a whistle he had little to say
You wouldn’t happen to have spare coal
Not today I used it to darken me pole

A frown and lines creased his head
Isn’t common to weight with lead
Not this one for I’m fishin’ for me soul
I have to prepare me dryad fishing pole

Curiosity obvious when he continues to say
Dryad’s don’t live in water on this day
Aye, and they don’t like the average worm
Only a dryad fishing pole makes them squirm

Concealing the pole
He puts on his pants

⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘

First Place 1st place receives 400 TRAIL and 10 STEEM

The First Night by @prufarchy
It was incredible, like the entire world and all its colors had been drained from me and polished to a brilliant sheen. I could hear the padding paws of a dog several blocks away, the whispered conversations of lovers in bed in the apartments above.
Just one little bite and two tiny holes in my neck and, for the first time ever, I felt truly alive.
I bent a metal rod with ease. In a single jump I reached a fire escape above me. I felt like a god, lowercase g.
I wanted to bite the world and share this.

⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘ ⌘


Image: Author

Special thanks to @meesterboom for his generous sponsorship of this initiative.

The winning stories will be announced each Sunday and published here on steemit and on other Social Media Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

imgThe organisation of this contest has been given huge support by the guys at SteemTrail.

If you have not already done so, head over to the SteemTrail Discord server and check out what they’re up to.

You will need an Open Ledger Account which is free. Simply click the Trail Coin and follow the instructions. For a Streemian Account, click the Streemian logo.


Thank you from your 100 Words Contest organiser, please follow, upvote, resteem, generally be terribly nice to @ebryans



imgAll Rights Reserved. ©Edward Bryans 2017. No unauthorised reproduction of this post in whole or in part is permitted without the express written consent of the author


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