Hummingbirds will drive you mad!

Hummingbirds, or Colibris as they are known here in Latin America, are hellish tricky to photograph! Not only do their wings beat at 50-120 times per second but they are in perpetual motion from flower to flower. So, for an amateur like me who is forever looking for that shot which captures a unique moment … what would we do without digital? Canon D40 to the rescue!

It is most unusual in my limited time of watching them, to see a hummingbird upside down. I found this chap down in Los Chillos, about an hour out of Quito.

Generally I find you need great light as you will need your camera on a very fast (Sports) setting. Your ISO needs to be high and your depth of field as deep as you can make it. I am sure that there are some experienced photographers out there who can correct anything here!

Experimenting and getting to know your camera is well worth the time!

Thank you for allowing me to share this with all you Steemers out there.

Happy snapping …