Customer Service – a lesson in life!

Gandalf – my new Steemit hero – everyone needs to read this! For your sake and his.

I am, in digital terms, a dinosaur … well nearly. I was born before JFK was assassinated, there’s a clue.

My experience in digital media is better than most social media users, having worked in the advertising side of the industry. So, to any smug programmer, beware … I know your game; and I suspect that this is how I came across to Gandalf.

Gandalf is a “techy”, as I call them, the programmers who ensure functionality at the business end of a website. He is much, much more besides.

Last night he was on duty in and I was looking for answers whilst displaying my considerable knowledge. His thinking deserved to have included the term “arrogant fuck”.

He read my rant and paused. I watched him start a reply three times … “gandalf is typing” my screen announced. Gandalf stopped typing. He restarted. He stopped.

“I used to work in Digital Media, you know” … Gandalf did not write “arrogant fuck”.

I sent him one of my posts about the platform not functioning. Guess what I got back!
This is direct from – please check and say hi to Gandalf when you do!

gandalf 2:51 AM
oh, upvoted, agree mostly
except that non of those companies “provide experiences which enhance the enjoyment of life” (for me, of course)
but I get general idea
(no offence caused, don’t worry)
why you can’t change the pic?
you mean pic on steemit?
oh, I see that’s not displaying, and I know why, and you right that it shouldn’t bother you, you should just be able to pick one and it just should work

Just the beginning, Steemistanites, just the beginning!

Screen pinged as if I was in an airport, ‘you have a private message’.

Rather than copy and paste the transcript, this is what Gandalf did.
He went to my Steemit page and saw what I had been trying to do.
He found the Imgur image and explained why it was not working and removed me from any blame.
He told me how to replace the image associated with my account.
He asked if I had any other questions – even if I did I would have said ‘no’.
He sent me a smiley face emoticon which I appreciated for the first time EVER!
He wished me a goodnight.
It was well after 3am

I know that I shall be repeating this story many times over. I hope you choose to do likewise.

Gandalf, you are a super hero. Feel the Steem – there are not enough Gandalfs but this Gandalf makes up for that.