Democratic leaders are not accepting Democratic Results. Blair blots his Copybook.

Title Image: Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Image: The Daily Express

Mr. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, seems to be inciting the sort of street mob demonstrations such as we have seen in the USA. George Soros must be very busy these days!

Blair might be opposed to Brexit. There is nothing wrong in that; he would be expected to have a strong opinion. Once the ballot is over, the non-acceptance of the decision of his country is the stuff of playgrounds. Furthermore, it shows scant regard for the democratic processes of the country which he ran and scant regard for the people of the UK.

In outlining his reasons, Blair (Blur), suggested that the country was rushing over a cliff edge and that the people did not know what they were voting for at the time of the poll. Ian Duncan-Smith, the former Conservative Leader summed it up by calling the former Prime Minister’s words arrogant and undemocratic. 

Former Conservative (Tory) Leader, Ian Duncan-Smith. Image: BBC

 The UK’s Labour party might well be a shambles at present but Blair is hardly ingratiating himself by stepping into the breach of leadership in this way, knowing the effects it will have in party confidence.

In justifying his stance, Blair outlined four key points:

  1. The people did not know what they were voting for.
  2. Immigration through the EU only accounts for 12% of total immigration.
  3. The Chancellor of the Exchequer said that leaving the single European Market would be catastrophic.
  4. The value of Sterling has dropped by 20% against the US dollar and 12% against the Euro.

Point by point. 1. He was involved in the election process. As a senior figure, why did he do nothing then? He is as culpable as the next person, though I agree that the understanding of the people of the UK was poor, due to the drivel they were fed. Blur probably thought that there was no way his ‘Remain’ Camp could lose. Arrogance and disrespect for the electorate are possible.

82,000 is a lot of people to house, feed and find work for every year. That is the 12% which Blair just dismissed as inconsequential out of 650,000 immigrants to the UK every year. This bolsters the total population by about 1% to put it into perspective.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer never said those words he raised in point three. I need not elaborate.

As to point four, of course, getting the UK’s Trade Agreements set will take time and there will be a period of uncertainty. The value of the Pound has taken a hit but the value of a currency is more immediately hit and has shorter outlook than, say, the Stock Market. The pound is now at the same level against the US dollar as it was between 2009-11.

As I wrote some time back about decisions, have you ever seen a football referee change his mind because of player protests? No. Mr. Blair should watch more Rugby Union rather than the whining ballerinas of certain football clubs.

Mrs. Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair and a prominent Barrister. Image: The Age

Efforts to undermine democratic processes are never going to go away. When these efforts are perpetrated by past Premiers and are designed to incite active protests, they become culpable of causing Civil Unrest. I hope the UK’s police force are sending a few thank you cards to Tony and Cherie Blur ( I include her as she tends to wear the trousers; the letterbox mouth as she is referred to).

All these brave souls decrying decisions democratically made … give them a red card and send them early to bed.

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