Jargon Busters 2 – Robin Williams explains

Jargon irks me. It rankles. Its creators hide within its vain self endorsement.

So, rather than let it rankle, I let it amuse me …

Steemit topics are a great source of amusement in this theme park of oddments.
I wrote about three of these topics a couple of days ago: til, cn and ico:
Steemit Jargon Busters # 1
I still have no idea as to their significance. I wish to bask in my ignorance!
I just hope their creators gain as much mirth as I do.

Today, I shall have a crack at another: kr

Now kr could mean a lot of things. Some suggestions:
Kant’s Republic
Knee Reconstruction
King’s Ransom
Karma’s Revenge

A Kinder Remedy to this confusion would be to hand over to King Robin!
This scene from Good Morning Vietnam does not just hit the mark, it kills (it) really!

Jargon is Kooky Rubbish
So, Kindly Refrain and Keep (it) Real
Kind Regards
King Ridicule