Love in a Culture of Hate and what to give this Christmas

“Unlike 1969, dubbed the “Summer of Love,” I would label 2016 the “Summer of Hate.” Bonnie Waltch, August 2016

What was it about the summer of ’69 which led to the ‘Summer of Love’ and in 2016 to the ‘Summer of Hate’?

Everyone needs to feel valued.


In 1969 the ‘Flower Power’ movement was in full swing. Love thy Neighbour. Share, see self as other; see other as self; Community Values were valued. It was a collective: Share the Love. People felt valued and understood why and how to value others.


Namaste or Namaskar is a traditional Asian greeting or parting gesture, respecting the divine within another person. Spirituality is not mandatory to be able to express such an acknowledgement, though it does heighten its intensity.

The word here which is of note is respect. Respect is the foundation stone upon which all positivity is possible. Without respect, there can be no love, no justice, no society.


Hate: a violently strong word and emotion. Almost the essence of negativity.

In a world of increasing isolation and decreasing tolerance, of course people do not feel valued. The world tells them that they are fodder. Families are largely dysfunctional. Relationships are as disposable as Bic lighters and self-worth is flickering like a candle in the wind. Elton John and Bernie Taupin remarked upon the life of Norma Jeane Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe in exactly this tone.


Why do we need Life Coaches, Landmark Forum, dodgy churches and cults? They are a crutch to give you some context, some semblance of meaning and, hence value, in a world of judgement and isolation.

As Landmark Forum tells you: ‘Life is Empty and Meaningless’. It sounds grim but once you get it you are free to wallow in the experiences and joys of life rather than sit in the stands like a spectator.


Christmas is one of the most lonely and confronting times of year for an enormous number of people. So, rather than dread the predictable pile of garbage produced by Uncle Graham’s conspiracy theories, look forward to it, meet him in his place and acknowledge his investigative prowess. Give him a physical (or at least mental) hug and make him feel good about himself.

If you are Uncle Graham, shut up and enthuse about Lucy’s desire to be a pop singer. You might find that she is the next Rihanna! To squash her is to give her the gift of hatred. Please do not do that!

Happy Christmas and … Namaste!


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